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Commercial Roofing in Kensington &

Surrounding Areas

Kensington Roofers covers all aspects of roofing and we are highly experienced in industrial and commercial roofing in Kensington

recent work carried out for commercial roofing in kensington

recent commercial work carried out by our roofer in kensingtonFlat/Felt Roofing

Kensington Roofers has developed tried and tested procedures for dealing with flat roofs in industry. With a professional application and the use of the highest quality materials Kensington Roofers renews and repairs flat roofs leaving them maintenance free and 100% guaranteed.

For felt roofs Kensington Roofers uses a roll and pour method with hot molten bitumen and high tensile felt systems finished with solar reflective finish (for UV Protection). This method is far superior to other torch on methods and reduces fire risk. This method of built up felt roofing is very competitively priced in comparison to other methods of commercial roofing in Kensington.

Asphalt surfaces are also candidates for this method once the surface is prepared and primed and provides longevity to even the most deteriorated of roofs. Once assessed some roofs may be candidates for covering with a rubber system. Candidates for this application are best if there are few obstructions and extrusions and are particularly suited to newer or more sound structures where a single and complete system on an underlay could be applied. Our roofers are trained in rubber roof application and when installed on suitable candidates they can offer extensive longevity, guaranteed for 25 years.

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Steel Roofing

As can be seen from our photos Kensington Roofers undergoes large-scale roof renewals and over cladding using profiled steel sheeting. We use a quality pastisol coated profiled sheet and flashing system designed and manufactured to suit each individual application.

In the commercial and industrial roofing sectors many roofs are candidates for over cladding. Our over cladding method creates a new looking, substantial and guaranteed roof covering with little disturbance to the interior. It also provides an access safe roof and the option to increase insulation properties of the building and sound proofing. A range of insulation materials can be used depending on suitability and to obtain the desired u-value. Over cladding is particularly suitable for asbestoss roofs where there are problems with servicing and access to other plant machinery eg. extractors, ventilation systems and cable routing etc.

Heavier gauge steel valley section can be over lined or newly installed. Any glazed sections can be covered externally with polycarbonate in glazing bar section to create a modern appearance as well as increasing safety, insulation and reducing wind chill factors.

Over cladding with corrugated steel is particularly suitable for the long term renewal of garage roofs and is a viable option compared to re-felting commercial roofing in Kensington.